SPiN Cargo    -    Bend, Oregon 

"Our Goal is to offer you a strong lightweight, modular trailer, simple in design, yet versatile in application, extremely tunable and totally adaptable, that could be towed by potentially any motorcycle with minimal effort."

"A system that's truly an investment,

not just a purchase."

"Designed for both Adventure or Necessity." 




UPDATE:NEW 2021 Bug-Out Trailer Mark II

will be available for purchase by Late Spring 2021

We are finalizing our Mark II pricing structure and will be posting that information by Late Spring 2021. 

PLEASE let us know if you're interested in potentially making a purchase!

Your "Interest" will help us in determining our production numbers as well as our materials investments. Plus, it secures your place in the Production line.

We intend to have units available for sale by Late Spring 2021 and pricing info posted well before that so keep checking back. We will also be sending out an email with our new pricing info to all interested parties as well.

Thank You For Your Interest!

Get in touch - Let Us Know You're Interested!

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