SPiN Cargo    -    Bend, Oregon 

Fall/Winter 2019/20 - Wow, the last SEVERAL months or so have just been crazy!!


We've secured our new location and have finally combined all of our equipment into one facility - We're very excited about the future!!


Springtime on the High Desert finds us out on the road/trail testing new products as well as creating our new crowdfunding video! We are very excited about launching our first True Crowdfunding Campaign later this year. Yes, we did post a "quick test" campaign several months back to test the waters of "that world." We were much to premature in that effort and found it to be much more difficult to get word out about a new product or idea than we previously thought. However, we will keep giving it our all! 


Since you're reading this, we must have done something right :-) Thanks!


We've had lots of pricing inquiries.  The goal of our CF Campaign is to get that final parts, materials, and manufacturing cost down as low as possible - MUCH MUCH LOWER than its present level!  



SPiN Cargo is located in beautiful Bend Oregon, right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

​Unfortunately, our region is prepping for what most scientists call an inevitable large 9.0+ earthquake - one that is historically past due to strike our region. The cities of Portland and Seattle, among others, have conducted events, trials, and even races with the theme being:

How do communities cope with an catastrophe of this magnitude, and distribute needed supplies to areas cut off by an unforeseen disaster. Even SPiN's hometown of Bend Oregon hosted an event as well!

We'd like to thank our friends at Bend Electric Bikes for helping make this event possible!

Now, this current model is a high performance platform with high end components, designed to give the best possible performance the "MotoTrailer Concept" could ever provide, so we understand costs will arise. But we also want to do everything we can to make this system affordable to whoever wants/needs it, with many investment levels and performance options. 

Our Goal over the next few months is to work on driving costs down, launching our Spring 2020 Crowdfunding and advertising campaigns, and completing the steps needed for us to begin mass production. Feel free to contact us with anything constructive you feel you can offer.




Thanks to everyone involved in helping spread the word and the idea of preparedness!​​​ We applaud the individuals and communities involved as well as the Bicycle Industry itself for their efforts. We would also like to join them in offering our system as yet another option for Emergency supply and equipment transport. We are currently designing and building a new large modular cargo box with this exact purpose in mind - and like the rest of our modular system, this box/rack system is just an easy bolt-on conversion. The bicycle is a great option, but in many scenarios the motorcycle can be an even better choice....

Keep checking back!! Things around here are changing Daily!!  Thanks again for stopping by - we'll talk again soon...!  

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