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The Revolution System was built with fun and freedom in mind. However, we feel the rest of the world, not just Adventure Riders can benefit from this customizable go anywhere technology.

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Why a Towable?

Why a Single Wheel Design?

Why mount through the rear axle?

How much weight can it carry?

Is it Street Legal?

How Much is it?

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"I just want to personally Thank all of you for your patience! We are excited at what future has in store. Stay Tuned my friend, and Explore Your World" - Ken



The Mark II is almost here - Final Pricing and Other Info by

Late Spring 2021



Our Patent Pending Modular Design allows you to adjust every angle and every aspect of the trailer, as well as interchange parts, cargo boxes, and platforms to best suit your immediate and future needs....


We will be updating this website very soon with information concerning pricing and availability of our all-new Mark II Bug-Out Design including newly revised images and video.

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SPiN Cargo    -    Bend, Oregon 






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Introducing the Revolution Bug-Out Trailer...Mark II

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UPDATE:NEW 2021 Bug-Out Trailer Mark II

will be available for purchase by Late Spring 2021


"It wasn't until I had a NON 2-wheeled sports related accident and severely broke my leg, when I finally saw the true potential of my now decades old motorcycle trailer concept I've been playing around with since..."

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A Modular and Fully Tunable lightweight single wheeled towable that can be altered and adapted to serve a specific purpose as well as configured to be used behind a wide variety of differing styles of tow vehicles....

How much does it cost?

How do I order a trailer?

How is our time frame for production looking?

SPiN Cargo

Bend, OR, United States



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