+ Customizable Modular Design

​+ Adaptable to a wide variety of differing styles of tow vehicles

+ Adjustable Suspension

+ Adjustable Wheel Travel

+ Adjustable Ride Height

+ Adjustable Wheelbase

+ Adjustable Cargo Capacity


We're working out multiple hitch configurations and adaptors that allow the Revolution to fit most any motorcycle, quad, or atv.


Simply loosen these clamps and slide the suspension platform forward or back to increase wheelbase, carrying capacity, and overall length.

Useable behind many different styles of


Obviously, not all cargo is the same. The cargo area of the Revolution can easily be changed. Simply slide the suspension platform forward or back to increase or decrease payload capacity. Sections of floor can also be added or subtracted to help accommodate those differing load requirements.

Adjustable from 2-1/2 inches (60mm) to 5+ inches (150mm+) the suspension can be setup for the roughest off-road terrain, or the smoothest and fastest street conditions, or anything in between. Flexibility in wheel travel is a must for a modular, changeable and tunable tow system.

Change the pivot angle of the hitch easily even while the trailer is still attached to the tow vehicle. Being able to adjust the angle of the hitch pivot is the single most important aspect in the tunability, overall handling and performance. Pivot angle determines what type of "feedback" or input the trailer will provide to the rider. 

What Modular Design means to us: offering a product that can change with you over the course of time.

Within our system we offer options in hitches, suspension, frame sets, cargo bags/boxes, wheel, and suspensions setups to help you create the trailer you want and need. All of these options are interchangeable with one another allowing you to alter and change your trailer over time. Not everyone has the same tastes in tow vehicles or share the same cargo hauling needs. A person's tow vehicles can also change over time. Thats why we've designed this towable to follow you through life just as easily as it does on the road or trail. 

Being able to adapt your existing trailer to suit your new and everchanging needs, rather than being required to purchase a new trailer if/when your requirements or tow vehicle change, is one of the Revolution's Biggest Strengths.


Aug 6th 2021: I am So Sorry for the DELAYS! Unfortunately, it is out of our control. We have been experiencing the same

delays in parts/materials shipping as well as shortages that many other manufacturers have worldwide. Hopefully these issues

will be resolved soon. THANK YOU for your understanding and Patience.



SPiN Cargo    -    Bend, Oregon 


We offer Fully Adjustable Air Suspension as an option so you can dial in the perfect amount of shock preload, for hauling your cargo.

Fully Adjustable Suspension Progression also lets you set up your trailer for differing types of terrain as well as custom shock valving.



Fully Customizable


This is useful when multiple tow vehicles are being used as well as for accommodating differing sizes of cargo, cargo boxes, and/or luggage styles. The suspension platform is separate from the rest of the frame allowing you to set the exact trailer length and wheelbase desired.​


The extra ground clearance needed for off-road use might not be ideal for extended excursions on the street. With 12 inches (300mm) of vertical payload adjustment, you can set up your trailer's center of gravity or "ballast" to suit the conditions as well as the tow vehicle's style and the rider's abilities..



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